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Spinlock Deck vest that is specially adapted for the active boat driver
Light and comfortable life jacket for active use. Ultra light, low profile and unique fit. Spinlock Deckvest Lite combines new design, fantastic wearing comfort, and new fresh colors in a very attractive product. Deckvest is approved according to the standard ISO12402, which for the very first time harmonizes international standards for quality in the design, production and use of life jackets.

Quick attachment with storage solution for the webbing makes the vest easy to adjust – one size fits all. Attachment point for deadman button etc. A VHF with attachment clips can easily be attached to the vest. Comes with crotch strap that can be stored inside the vest when not in use. The fastening clip in the front edge is smartly placed under the front. 5 year warranty through «Through Life Support» (TLS).
Spare part kit: Trigger + Gas cartridge prodnr.2326900

Deckvest instructions  (pdf)
Flying with Deckvest  (pdf)
Register your Deckvest  (http)
Deckvest video instructions  (http)



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